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燭 by 幻想絵風 on pixiv
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    I’m done being sad about the latest ep.

    Lets all hold on and make more white rose!!

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this is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen


    this is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen

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Get rekt Scrubnohara


    Get rekt Scrubnohara

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More pokejinkas! I always enjoy doing these <3


    More pokejinkas! I always enjoy doing these <3

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    Petition to change the name “RWBY” to “JNPR” to more accurately represent the main character; Jaune Arc.

    Welp. You know you can’t be wrong when Ozpin signs the petition.

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by メスシ壁博4号館カ29b
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    This is art.

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    reminder to everyone that we did it. we survived rwby prom hell. we lived through three weeks of completely unnecessary crap love triangle with crap solution. we climbed the mountain and the journey was long but at the top there was Nora and Ren dancing together and Pyrrha laughing like a baby angel and the coolest fucking Ruby and Yang exposition. no matter what happens, I hope we all keep the memories with us, and agree that despite whatever weird fucking moral we were supposed to have learned from the het agenda clusterfuck, what we were really paying attention to was Cinder beating the shit out of some guys and lighting our loins with a fire that never goes out.

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杏子 / susu
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