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    Casual Urban Gensokyo Style

    Part Three: Perfect Cherry Blossom

    • Letty Whiterock
    • Chen
    • Alice Margatroid
    • The Prismriver sisters (Lunasa, Merlin, Lyrica)
    • Youmu Konpaku
    • Yuyuko Saigyouji
    • Ran Yakumo
    • Yukari Yakumo

    Main Characters / EoSD / PCB / More to come!

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    "Hey, Weiss…"

    "Yes?" Rather than look up from her textbook, Weiss continued to study. It was only when almost a full minute passed in silence that she looked up to find Ruby wringing her hands and blushing a most becoming shade of red. "Ruby, what is it now?"

    "Um… well… I was wondering… if you know anything about kissing?"

    Weiss blinked. “I beg your pardon?”

    "Well, I was wondering about it, but then I realised that I don’t know much, but you kind of know about everything, and you’re really pretty and popular - and did I just say that? - and I’ve never kissed anyone before, and I don’t want to ask Yang, and can you maybe tell me what it’s like - and I’ll stop talking now."

    It took Weiss the better part of thirty seconds to piece together the flood of words into something she could understand. “I see. So, you’ve never kissed anyone before, but you’d like me to tell you what it’s like. Is that right?”

    Ruby nodded. Really, she was so adorable when she blushed, and now Weiss had the most wicked idea, one that she might actually run with considering the fact that she and Ruby were on their own. 

    "Come here." Weiss patted the bed beside her. 

    "Uh… why?"

    "Just sit down." Weiss put just enough steel into her voice for Ruby to obey. The younger girl might be the leader of their team, but Weiss knew exactly how to boss her around. "Good. Now move a bit closer."

    "Um… Weiss?"

    "A kiss is not something that be described easily. It needs to be demonstrated." Weiss’s lips curled as she put one arm around Ruby’s waist while the other moved up to cup her chin. "Would you like a demonstration, Ruby?"

    Ruby gulped and nodded.

    "Very well. Do exactly as I say." Weiss smirked inwardly. The way that Ruby was looking at her right now told her that if she’d asked Ruby to jump off a cliff, she probably would. Her gaze dropped to Ruby’s lips. They were enticingly full. "Relax, Ruby. Kissing can be tricky, so let me demonstrate first."

    "Oh… okay." Ruby quivered, and Weiss felt a sudden surge of possessiveness. This was going to be Ruby’s first kiss.

    "Close your eyes, Ruby, and let me look after you…"

    X     X     X

    Blake eased the door of the dorm room open and then paused. Ruby was sitting on Weiss’s lap, and the pair were engaged in quite the kiss. Both had their eyes closed, and Ruby’s hands were clutching the fabric of Weiss’s dress as the older girl ran one hand along Ruby’s hip and used the other to tilt Ruby’s head into the perfect position.

    Smiling faintly, Blake closed the door and turned to Yang.

    "Have you had afternoon tea yet?" Blake asked.

    "No. Do you want to go get something?" Yang yawned. A day of digging through textbooks in the library was not something she enjoyed. Still, it was a necessary evil given Weiss’s strident views of anything less than complete success. "We could ask Ruby and Weiss to come along too."

    "There is that nice cafe/bookstore that opened in town. I’ve heard it’s very good."

    "You and your books." Yang gave Blake an affectionate scowl. "Sometimes I think you like them more than me. All right then, I’ll just go in there and ask Ruby and Weiss -"

    "They’re not in there," Blake said quickly. "They must have gone to get something to eat as well."

    "Oh. It looks like it’s just you and me." Yang put one arm around Blake. "Shall we go, milady?"

    Blake chuckled. Weiss had better thank her later. “It’s a date.”

    X     X     X

    Weiss pulled away from Ruby, taking in the flush on the other girl’s cheeks and the way her chest rose and fell. Ruby’s lips were slightly swollen too, and Weiss took a long moment to admire her handiwork. Ruby looked thoroughly kissed.

    "And that, Ruby," Weiss said. "Is how you French kiss. Do you understand?"

    Ruby licked her lips. “I… um… no.” She smiled hopefully. “Do you think I could have another demonstration.”


    X     X     X

    And so, Weiss taught Ruby the fine art of kissing. Naturally, when Ruby had other questions of an amorous nature, she was only too happy to take them to Weiss. And Weiss, of course, was only too happy to oblige her. After all, Ruby was such an eager student, and Weiss was a very good teacher.

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    “Weiss I swear to god if you don’t open this door right now I will go get Yang and she’ll break it down and I’ll drag you out.” Ruby Threatened, her voice wavering as she fought her own tears. She could hear Weiss’s sobs, muffled by the wood of the door.

    “G-Go away!”  Weiss shouted through her tears. Ruby rested her forehead on the door, her arms dangling at her sides.

    “Weiss, please, let me in.” The softness with which Ruby spoke gave Weiss pause. Her whole body shook and her front and knees of her nightgown were stained with her tears. After a full minute of silence she forced herself onto her knees and shuffled towards the door. Reaching up with a trembling hand she unlocked the door and shuffled back into the corner and curled up hiding herself as best as she could.

    Ruby stepped in and knelt before Weiss, reaching out slowly to run a hand over her back. Feeling how badly Weiss was shivering and trembling, she bit her lip. “Weiss, look at me.” Curling up even more Weiss’s only response was another sob escaping her lips. Rocking on her knees Ruby stared helplessly at her girlfriend.

    She had no idea why Weiss was this upset, she had no clue what had happened only that Blake had sent her a message nearly fifteen minutes ago saying she heard Weiss crying in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out and only told her to go away.

    Desperate times called for desperate measures.  Taking a deep breath Ruby leaned forward and forced Weiss’s head up and her legs apart and before Weiss could fight her slid her hands to the small of her back and simultaneously pulled her forward and lifted her, settling her in her lap and wrapping her around securely around the young heiress. For her part Weiss didn’t make a sound, Ruby expected at least a squeak of indignation.

    “Weiss, why are you crying alone in a bathroom when you have me and Yang and Blake? We’re all here for you, you’re not alone anymore, please talk to me. Yell at me, anything.” Ruby pleaded softly. Weiss remained silent but responded to her touch and wrapped her arms around Ruby and pressed her wet face into the crook of her neck. Ruby bit back her own tears for what felt like the thousandth time that evening and tightened her hold.

    Slowly Weiss’s sobs slowed to sniffles and whimpers and Ruby held her, on the cold tile of the bathroom, rubbing her palms up and down her back in an effort to keep her warm.

    “It’s my father…” Weiss spoke, softly and for the first time since she let Ruby in. “He… He wants me to leave Beacon and return home….to… to..” Her voice broke and a whimper tore free from her before she could stop herself. 

    “Weiss, you don’t want to go.” She shook her head vigorously, holding on even tighter to Ruby. “I don’t… I can’t…. I can’t leave you.” She hiccupped. “you… I…” she choked on her words and fought for breath. Ruby calmly took her cheeks in her hands and slowly pressed her lips to the heiress’s and pushed her breath into her struggling lungs. She pulled back and stroked her cheek and took a deep breath and pressed her lips to her mouth again and exhaled. Weiss slumped into the scythe wielder and accepted the kisses. Once Ruby was certain Weiss’s breathing had normalized she pulled back and kissed her cheek.

    “It’s okay, I won’t let him take you away. I promise, all of us will make sure you get to stay here. I promise Weiss, nothing and no one will ever take you away from me. “

    A small smile made its way to her lips. She hiccupped and held onto Ruby tighter than she’d ever held onto anyone. Exhaling a shakey breath into Ruby’s neck she took a deep breath and prepared the words she’d been so scared to say ever since she’d accepted Ruby’s bumbling proposal.

    “Thank you… I…. I love you Ruby.”

    Ruby smiled and kissed her temple.

    “I love you too Weiss.”

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    Rich girl jokes


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    matching icons for you and your friends ^^

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    tfw = two fucking weiners


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    Puppy eyes x2 <3

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Original: あ~んArtist: 紅子@僕ラブ5と27
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    Khans of Dril

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